Preview stills for ‘Heirs’: Episodes 7-8


What is the whole drama world talking about right now? Of course, it’s not a mathematics question to answer as the upcoming kiss shared between the leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for Heirs is the talk of the town right now. People are speculating about the type, whether there will be eyes closed, will it be forced, etc, etc. Lee Min Ho has given epic kissing scenes before while Park Shin Hye has always remained chaste in it. Let’s see how this one turns out. As far as I’m concerned, kissing is only like an icing on the cake for me and not the main thing because all I need is to feel excited when my couple falls in love and I’m a happy camper if it succeeds in it. Continue reading

Heirs: I’m in love with you!!


Or with Kim Tan. Or Lee Min Ho. I can’t guarantee this post will make any sense because I’m so excited for Heirs right now. I’m just gonna pour my feelings. The wait for next week is intolerable and my ‘like’ for it has now converted into ‘love’. Just to be less confusing, I’m just jotting down some points which I liked. Continue reading

First Impressions for ‘Heirs’: I liked it!!


I’m so glad that I liked both the episodes of the most anticipated drama of 2013 Heirs as I went in with low expectations, the second one more than the first. The show is a bit slow-paced but not in a dragging or boring kind of way. It is just flowing with giving enough time to understand what is going on with the number of cast members present with their respective story lines. I think Heirs has done a great job in introducing everyone without making it haphazard and naturally Continue reading

Mesmerising new poster for ‘Heirs’ featuring the main couple

It is a matter of few hours and Heirs will finally premiere on SBS. Yayyyy. The show is continuously dropping promotional stills and trailers and posters. Not that I’m complaining. To be honest, I found everything quite simple and nothing extra ordinary until I saw the latest poster featuring the leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. I like that we are having a couple who is breaking the mould of most of the Kdrama couples who fight like cats and dogs (I love that too!!) and we have people who care for each other and understand each other with mutual Continue reading

More stills for ‘Heirs’


Enjoy these stills from Heirs which is premiering next week. We have Lee Min Ho attending classes (is it school or college), Park Shin Hye roaming miserably in a desert (?) and brothers Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk involved in some argument (in the very same almond farm where previously released stills featured our OTP) and last but not least, Lee Min Ho surfing (Eeeee). Continue reading