Intriguing posters for ‘Chicago Typewriter’


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Chicago Typewriter, the upcoming fantasy drama on tvN, caught my attention just by its interesting moniker. And then came the cast of Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung (making a small screen comeback after 13 years!) and Go Kyung Pyo, the story mixing mystery and fun. And finally comes the posters, which look classy and intriguing. Continue reading

Upcoming movie ‘Drug King’ lines up powerhouse star cast


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Drug King is the name of an upcoming movie which has an absolute powerhouse cast. It’s still in the planning stage and will be released sometime in later 2017, with filming starting from July. It is a period film set in the 1970s and stars Song Kang Ho in the title role as he plays a drug lord who creates an illegal drug empire with the capital in Continue reading

‘Mystery Queen’ brings mystery with a dash of humour


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I love Agatha Christie and I love Nancy Drew. Hence, I’m totally excited for new KBS drama Mystery Queen which is a story about an amateur detective. I liked Choi Kang Hee in Protect The Boss, but I’m not a huge fan. But here the story sounds like totally my cup of tea and unmissable! Continue reading

Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon reunite with legal thriller ‘Whisper’ for SBS


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There was a time 2-3 years back when we had a deluge of reunions in dramaland with many actors reuniting and giving fans a dream come true situation. Reunions have been quiet from some time but we are going to see one soon as Lee Bo Young is returning to dramas and acting opposite Lee Sang Yoon — they both starred in superhit Continue reading

Choi Jin Hyuk leads time travelling thriller ‘Tunnel’ for OCN


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This sounds like Signal if Lee Jae Han would have travelled through time and met Park Hae Young. The upcoming thriller for OCN is Tunnel and it has a fantasy laden premise where a detective from past slips in time while tracking down a serial killer. It also marks Choi Jin Hyuk‘s return to dramaland after his military duty. His last drama was Pride And Prejudice in 2014. Continue reading