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Kang Dong Won remains an elusive actor as far as dramaland is concerned. He did his last TV series in 2004 and since then, he is successfully busy in movies. I haven’t seen any of his works but have read lots of good things about him. He has been confirmed to star in upcoming film My Palpitating Life, which already secured Song Hye Kyo as the leading lady. I like her a lot since I watched her for the first time in massively popular Full House, then in Worlds Within but then got bored after 3-4 episodes and dropped it. She recently returned to small screen with much-loved melodrama That Winter The Wind Blows, again a show I passed due to the plot which was unappealing for my drama taste. Anyway, these two will surely look good together and this will be their second movie together as they starred in 2010 omnibus film Camellia in which they played former lovers who forget their memories.

My Palpitating Life is based on a best-selling novel and tells a story about a married couple who has a son suffering from a rare genetic condition called progeria which causes aging at a very early age. The movie is touted as simple and cheerful and it automatically brings Hindi movie Paa to my mind which was also about the same genetic defect and had a light but poignant touch to it. It was an awesome movie with outstanding performances across the board. If My Palpitating Life is anything like that, it can definitely be a heartwarming tale without being too melodramatic or serious. It plans to start shooting next year in January and will be directed  by Lee Jae Young (The Actresses, An Affair).