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Gong Yoo is perfect for a romantic hero and always steals our hearts with his impeccable portrayal. Most of us were left frustrated after his last drama Big ended, but there was one silver lining: the infinite expressions we got from Gong Yoo. He was equally hot, adorable, cute and emotional in it. In Coffee Prince, I just couldn’t see anything else when he was on-screen and he surely does the ‘man-in-love’ like nobody’s business. In his upcoming movie The Suspect, we’ll get to see him on the other spectrum from his previous roles as he is doing lots of action in this thriller where he plays an elite North Korean spy who is abandoned by his country. He moves to South in search of the person who killed his wife and child, at the same time working as a designated driver. He gets framed for a murder and thus becomes a man on the run to clear his name and also to find his nemesis.

Well, the story of a wrongly accused man proving his innocence has been done to death in movies, TV and novels alike. But it always strikes a chord with the viewers if done right. A brisk pace, tight direction, top-notch acting, thrills and chills, add some emotional punch and here is the perfect thriller!! The Suspect is showing Gong Yoo in full action mode and just from the stills, we can see the intensity and sheer visual appeal of the movie. It is slated to hit the theatres in December and comes from the director of films like Seven Days and A Bloody Aria.

I hope (I always do) that Gong Yoo takes a drama as his next project and enthrall us with his brilliance once again. Till then, I’m happy to see him in a different image and he is looking remarkable.

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