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heirs (2) Finally!! Episode 10 of Heirs ended with no preview and left us wondering what’s in store for next week. But the preview for episode 11 is out, much to the delight of all the fans of the show, which includes me of course. There were also some spoilers regarding upcoming story line but I read them with a grain of salt. I know Heirs has very little plot. It just has lots of characters and every episode just takes a very small step ahead in terms of narrative. I’m having a whale of a time watching it which is obvious as I’m totally biased regarding Heirs (an exception for me as I hardly attach drama attraction to my favorites. Example: Gu Family Book, Personal Taste which I didn’t like and couldn’t continue inspite of my love for male leads) Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are my favorites and I’m invested in Tan-Eun Sang couple from day 1. I love everything about them but I really want the drama to be more like a romantic comedy rather than taking a melodramatic tone. The first few episodes were cool but now Eun Sang remains sad for almost each of her scene. I can understand her plight but please show, let her smile. I don’t think that Tan’s character has changed much from what it started. He is still the same sweet guy but has opened up more to his surroundings. And most of his dominating behaviours are more like reactions rather than intentional as he remains quite simple for rest of the time. I do understand the reason for Young Do being a jerk but the show has not made me feel that he has heart beneath his crazy outward behaviour. Anyway, I would love to see him change for better but there is no way he has a chance for Eun Sang’s love as she already loves Kim Tan.

My OTP aside, I also love the funny shenanigans from rest of the characters and Kang Ha Neul is so terrific, even when he gets so little time. This is the first time I’m seeing him and I’m loving him so much!!

Half time has already passed and one can only cross fingers with hope that Heirs will be light, funny, romantic for rest of its span and please, no tearjerking moments!!! And yes, let Eun Sang be more confident and strong.