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Time surely flies fast and here we have the final week for Master’s Sun, the show that is ruling millions of hearts from past eight weeks. There are variety of features instilled in the drama to make it fascinating but ultimately it’s the magic of charming leads So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin which has captivated everyone under its spell. Preview is out for the penultimate episode. I’m glad that the main conflict from the beginning related to the twins has been resolved, giving way to something new for the final moments and I’m expecting that the show will not keep us waiting for long before showing the OTP totally in love and spending some quality time together with coming clean with their feelings.

The mystery behind the whole Hee Joo case did turn out to be the whole new ball game but not entirely surprising. The introduction of Lee Chun Hee was far more unexpected. Sometimes I really feel irritated when the leads to the noble sacrifice but here it’s understandable as Gong Shil has experienced the worst possible scenario as a result of keeping Joong Won by her side and she is scared to start anything with him now. Also, she hopes to feel more comfortable with someone who is like her (the ghost seer) than someone who is different from her (unable to see what she does). But I sincerely wish that the final two episodes will not disappoint us and will give a whole large magnitude of romance to fill our hearts and minds with content.