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It’s kind of funny the way we are getting the daily stills for the upcoming, highly anticipated (the most anticipated actually) drama about rich kids Heirs (or The Inheritors), with one actor at a time. In fact, it’s better as with the number of actors attached to it, we might miss one or two if all the stills are clustered together. At least, we are getting to know each one separately. I must say all the stars are looking really good and stylish in Heirs.

After our meeting with the main leads Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin, it is time to move on to the supporting leads. Kang Min Hyuk is SO CUTE. He is the cutest and most adorable actor. Period. He was winsome in You’ve Fallen For Me, where I loved him and those glasses increased his cuteness. (yes, cute is the word when we are conversing about Kang Min Hyuk.) He continues to be sweet here also. In Heirs, he plays the son of the secretary of Empire Group (the group which has Lee Min Ho’s character as the heir) and so he is kind of in the same league as that of our heroine as both of them are not the richest heirs. He is her best friend and falls for our hero’s ex-girlfriend.

The other set of stills include Kim Ji Won, who plays our hero’s fiancée. Hm. So, there is ex-GF, there is fiancée and there is the heroine. Wow. As the pictures show, she is the heiress with a haughty personality who wants nothing as she has everything. She does look all sophisticated and it seems that she is standing in an airport.

I’m loving this cycle of releasing new pictures with more cast members each day. So, who is your next guess/ choice for the stills?? Heirs premieres after Master’s Sun in October.