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Wow. Two charismatic actors So Ji Sub and Lee Jong Hyuk in a single episode of Master’s Sun!! It is also a fact that I came to know about both of them this year only in my two years of drama watching experience as I haven’t seen any of their previous works. The preview for episode 11 is out with the news that Lee Jong Hyuk (Dating Agency Cyrano) will be seen in a cameo role for the same episode. I didn’t know I would be able to see him so soon after his winsome performance in Dating Agency Cyrano. Yay for that 🙂 Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Jae Young (Mandate of Heaven) will have special appearances as the Chairman and CEO of the Giant Mall, the very same rival mall Joong-won keeps an eye on via his telescope, 24×7. The ghost-story-of-the-day will feature them. It’s interesting to note that Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jong Hyuk will be working together for the second time as they already did a romantic comedy film Crush And Blush in 2008.

After the confession by our hero in episode 10, it seems like he still has more hurdles to cross before our OTP gets together. At least it looks like there will be cuteness and sweetness. Also, it was a twist I didn’t expect about Hee Joo being alive. I’m guessing that she had a twin sister who committed the kidnapping and in order to save her, Hee Joo died/ sacrificed and now also, she is keeping an eye on her. Well, I found it creepy that the girl is following Joong-won from 10 years. Secretary Kim continues to be adorable as he does all the tricks in bringing the couple together. He is simply great. At first I was a bit confused about the angry reaction from Gong Shil before the last scene but my drama friends clarified that actually his coming to her rescue put a confirmation to the rumour that she is the candy and he is her prince charming and it hurt her self-respect. Also, I loved that the last episode of Master’s Sun was filled with metaphors left and right, one of the Hong Sisters‘ trademark style.

Here is the video preview for episode 11. But I don’t have the translated text.