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I’m happy that Master’s Sun has finally portrayed our hero in a new and improved light in its last episode, in which he takes on the role in place of our heroine to complete the ghost-of-the-day story even when there was no need. Also, he unintentionally acts as her love counsellor whenever she needs advice and I love when he gets all flustered whenever she points out that he worries for her. I also loved that smile on Joong-won’s face when it comes to his knowledge that Gong-shil missed the opportunity to tell Kang-woo about her special power of ghost seeing. The story of the episode was quite touching and I loved that scene where Joong-won says that he doesn’t trust Gong-shil but she tells him that he followed her all the way in her quest of following a ghost dog and that is called trust, Ha. And that ending, wow. I found it sweet on Joong-won’s part that he tried to see if the ability works vice-versa, meaning that if he’ll touch Gong-shil, will he be able to read properly? It was satisfying to see that he is finally opening up to her as he confided that he is not able to read since that kidnapping incident. I’m sure that there will not be any kissing as it’s too early for that but attraction has definitely started on our hero’s mind with a glimpse of jealousy. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin are nailing it in their respective roles as well as together.

Here is the preview for episode 7. Those ghostly kids and eerie doll are really making me frightened. Looks like Gong-shil will deal with it this time. Also, somehow both of our leads end up in jail. Oh, the romantic and cute discourses we’ll get through those scenes. Also, some light will be thrown regarding the ex-girlfriend of Joong-won.


(the dialogues as played in the video)

From here to here is Tae Gong Shil zone.

In Tae Gong Shil zone, there won’t be any more conversations after “but”.

Are you making a scene right now?

Get lost.

Kang Woo!

Go date the sweet Candy Kang.

Back and forth, back and forth!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Let’s be friends!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Take us with you.

There are weird kids…

Get out of my house!

You don’t know how scared I was.

I’m scared of you. I don’t want to be involved with you.

Cha Hee Joo…

I don’t think it should continue any further.

Tae Gong Shil, you’re over.