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Kang Ji Hwan successfully wrapped his drama Incarnation Of Money a few months back and I liked the drama as well as him, who was terrific in his role. I have liked Kang Ji Hwan ever since I watched him as the eccentric novelist with a quirky sense of humour in Coffee House, a rom-com that I would have loved but didn’t as I shipped for the wrong OTP and that made me utterly disappointed in the end. There was a huge shipping war between fans who wanted Park Si Yeon and Ham Eun Jung as the one ending up with the hero. As for me, I watched it much later without knowing anything about the final pair but still I liked the show. Kang Ji Hwan was awesome as always.

The next project in line for him is a road movie titled Shoot For the Sun and it stars Yoon Jin Seo opposite him. The only thing I’ve seen her in is Fugitive Plan B where she was really cute. In this film, she will be playing a femme fatale and this is the only thing we know about the plot whatsoever. The movie has already begun filming and is being shot at Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Shoot For the Sun is up for release sometime later this year. I think it will be fun to watch these two talented actors together. A nice romantic comedy (if it is one) with brilliant actors is always a treat!!