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Daily soaps are actually not my bag but they definitely have the potential to garner high ratings. I have my reasons for staying away from them. Firstly, they are very, very long and I can’t give commitment to them as I can utilize that time for so many other better dramas. Secondly, they tend to deviate from the main story and keep cycling around one plot point for a lengthy duration. There is a good chance that the wind of the story changes its direction in the middle as per the viewers’ predilection. Thirdly, there are so many characters, meaning we are bound to get some irritating lines as well. Fourthly, there is a lot of room for makjang aka outrageous storylines and that is not at all why I watch Kdramas. I have enough experience of that by watching Indian soaps and this is the reason I stay away from them now. Yeah, I can write a whole essay on daily dramas and I think this should not be the topic of discussion when I’m actually reporting about the upcoming dramas falling under that category. Complaints aside, daily shows can actually be addicting and they are like a part of daily routine just like eating, reading newspaper, etc. We connect with the characters so much that we can’t stay away from seeing what happens next.

Two daily dramas are premiering tomorrow, ie., Monday. The first one is on SBS and it’s tilted Two Women. Wow, the moniker itself says so many things and yes, it is a story about a woman who struggles to get back her room, man and family from a woman who she believed was a friend. The show stars Park Eun Hye (Pink Lipstick), Wang Bit Na (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry ) and Kang Ji Sub (The Duo) in the lead roles and it looks like it will have all the tropes of a typical daily soap. It will have about 100 episodes altogether. Check out the posters.

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Another show is Can’t Take It Anymore, which is scheduled on JTBC and looks more inclined towards being a family drama about an elderly couple whose divorce leads to different consequences in the family. It stars Baek Il Sub (Ojakgyo Brothers) and Sun Woo Yong Yeo (Rascal Sons) in the main roles. Following are the stills from the drama.

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