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I’m gonna miss Dating Agency: Cyrano a LOT!! It has been a wonderful ride through it and I’m glad that I marathoned it for more than first half as the wait for the next week is terrible. It will air its final two episodes this coming week and I’m feeling sad about it. Last week our heroine confessed her feelings and I love that she is so honest and straight forward about it in the world where our characters can take even 16 episodes to finally convey what they want (I’m looking at you Full House). I loved her right off the bat but that liking increases with each episode. She oozes warmth and cheerful vibe. I actually enjoyed episodes 13 and 14 despite the noble idiocy bit as it did not take the center stage in the melodramatic way, but it was rather funny to watch Seo Byung getting jealous and in a dilemma regarding his feelings for Minyoung. And of course our cupids, Moojin and Ahrang were so adorable planning the romantic setting for the OTP.

The preview for episode 15 seems to throw in some action in this romance comedy drama and I don’t mind as it will make for a kind of finale. I’m not speculating or guessing much as it’s up to the drama to give the final arc the way it wants. The only thing I want is some more lovey-dovey romantic scenes between our couple. That’s not much to ask for, right show??

MY: Seo Byung!
BH: Are you okay?

MY: I will wait for you.

Ahrang: Min Young was kidnapped.

MJ: Let’s go.

HR: Where?

MJ: You will see.

How can you do that?

Master: I need you to find someone for me. Please.

Some Gangster: Nothing comes free.

MY: Why are you doing this? Do you have a grudge against Cyrano?

BH: I will save you no matter what.