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It has been a while since I updated on upcoming Hong Sisters‘ drama Master’s Sun, which is a horror rom-com. I have just started its predecessor drama I Hear Your Voice, and I’m liking it so far. And it has got an extension of two episodes, which is pretty understandable if we see from the ratings point of view, which are very high. This year is surely very great for Lee Jong Suk with back to back two hits: School 2013 and this.

Master’s Sun will star So Ji Sub in a comedic role after many years and I find it quite intriguing. I love it when actors change the genre once in a while, which gives me opportunity to see them in a different light. He will play a cold-hearted executive at a shopping mall and boss to Gong Hyo Jin‘s secretary character. She will be a gloomy and sensitive girl who can see ghosts. Seo In Guk plays the security head of this mall and Kim Yoo Ri (who was last seen in Cheongdam-dong Alice) stars as the top model of the shopping mall in picture. One of the hilarious twists is that our heroine is prevented from this scary ability when she touches our hero, which definitely gives room for lots of cute and romance and confusions.

I am very excited about this show which looks quite odd and different in terms of promotional materials, but interesting. I thought we’ll be getting some funny hijinks, but the drama looks creepy as well. I love Hong SIster’s dramas (minus Big) and I’m hopeful that we’ll be getting a great show with funny shenanigans and lots of heart, as is the case in each of their shows. Of course, I’ll be marathoning it once it gets completed as I don’t want to miss the fun of getting a continuous dose of this drama. I like Gong Hyo Jin a lot and I’m sure she is going to be awesome here as well. Check out the character stills. I laughed out loud at Gong Hyo Jin’s pictures, but that’s the whole point of it I guess. The male actors are looking superb. Master’s Sun starts airing from August 7 on SBS and will be directed by PD who did dramas like City Hunter and Shining Inheritance.

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