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As romantic comedy Dating Agency: Cyrano is airing its last episode this Tuesday, its follow-up fantasy melodrama Who Are You is getting ready with promotional materials, laced with teasers, posters and stills. The drama stars So Yi Hyun as a detective who gains the ability to see ghosts on waking up from coma after six years following an accident. She is sent to the lost and found department of police, where she works with Taecyeon, a detective who only believes what he sees. Together they solve cases related to objects left behind and her ability helps them in the process. Kim Jae Wook plays her ex-boyfriend and also a police officer, who died in an accident. The drama sounds like Hong Sister‘s upcoming Master’s Sun due to the basic premise. But it’s crystal clear that both the shows are taking different routes from this: Who Are You sounds more serious and melancholic and that is probably the reason I’m not much interested in it. The leads are not my favorites to watch just for them. Although I like Kim Jae Wook, he is likely to be the second lead here. The show will show the love triangle between the three and this gives it a different edge as one of the persons involved is a spirit.

I have loved most of tvN shows and of course we can expect Who Are You to be a quality drama. It starts airing from July 29. Check out the posters and stills and everybody is looking great!!

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