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It was previously reported that Krystal of Kpop group f(x) is considering the role in the high-profile drama Heirs, that stars Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk in the lead roles. Confirmations are in that she has finally joined the show that will showcase the high school shenanigans of super rich students. The drama is on the lines of Gossip Girl and is gonna be all about love and friendship. I read somewhere that Park Shin Hye will play a girl from economically poor family. Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk play brothers and rich people. Despite the mundane plot (which sounds so terribly similar to Boys Before Flowers), I’m still having an interest in the show only because of the cast where I love everyone!! Krystal will be playing a rich heiress. Natch.

I’m currently watching Secret Garden, which is penned by Kim Eun Sook, who is also writing Heirs. Well, I find it really hilarious but still the characters look very made-up. It is a well constructed drama but the heart is still missing somewhere. I enjoy it thoroughly but there is some obscure thing that’s preventing me to get completely invested in it. I can say that I don’t have the hate relationship with her shows. But it’s not love either. Somewhere in between I guess.

Heirs is planning to premiere in October on SBS with the Wednesday-Thursday schedule with a total of 20 episodes. Can’t wait!!