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I’m so sad that only two weeks are left for Dating Agency: Cyrano, which has become one of my all time favorite dramas. I don’t know what clicked with me but I got thoroughly invested in it. I loved how the show balances all the love stories of the each week with the main characters’ lives. There is so much symbolic mirroring of their circumstances. The drama oozes warmth and low-key vibe in each of its frame. Now that the confession is made by our heroine (yay for that), it’s time for further advancement. I am not apprehensive that the show will move into angstville, as till now it has maintained that zippy and light tone throughout, despite lots of depth in little moments. I think it will be fun to watch Byung Hoon getting jealous when he’ll take Master’s case with Min-young as the target. And what can be more adorable than seeing Ah-rang and Moojin playing cupid for our OTP!! CANNOT WAIT for the next episode. Check out the video and written preview:

Minyoung: You heard what I told you earlier right?

Byung-hoon: Don’t say that.

Minyoung: Why can’t you be honest?

Byung-hoon: Give me that.
Try to move!

Yi Sul: Shut up! I don’t want to go back there.

Byung-hoon: Have you heard anything about Do Il’s brother?

Yi Sul: So you knew about Seung Pyo.

Minyoung: Why do I like him when there is such a nice guy like you?

Byung-hoon: Master! I will accept your order.

Moojin: Min Young and that man?

Byung-hoon: Because he’s a much better man than me.

Moojin and Ah-rang: If we can matchmake Master and Min Young, then couldn’t we matchmake Il Rok and Min Young? We’re going to use his plan against him.

Master’s assistants: Should we take over Cyrano and put up our banner? Good idea!

Byung-hoon: Just be an agent. You’re making it hard.

Minyoung: Can’t you see me as a girl?