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Okay. So I have to admit that You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin has become very uninteresting for past few episodes, thanks to all the focus given to things which we are not in the least excited to see and lack of cuteness, romance, Jun-ho scenes. But finally the spoiler stills for upcoming week look promising as far as romance and interaction between OTP is concerned. Yay!! I love it when the show takes the relationship gradually further between Soon-shin and Joon-ho, but that doesn’t mean it has to drag so much that we get only 5 minutes or so to satisfy our craving. It doesn’t need to be that slow. Anyways, the stills show them together in a bus, but the reason is not clear and then our heroine is putting her head on our hero’s shoulder. Swoooon 🙂 Aww, he looks so happy!! I’m really tired of seeing Joon-ho anxious for Soon-shin and her always ignoring him. They don’t even bicker anymore. So now I hope I can get back my fondness for the show. Can’t wait for their romance to speed-up!!