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I Hear Your Voice is one drama I’m eagerly waiting for. The reason is obviously Lee Jong Suk, but I’m also interested in the premise of him being a guy who can hear others’ thoughts. This fantasy element adds an extra touch of attraction to the simple plot of two public defenders helping the needy in cases which have less than one percent chance of winning: Lee Bo Young is the prickly one and Yoon Sang Hyun is the passionate and serious one. These three form team to solve different cases and it all sounds fun and the stills look cute enough to complete the whole lot of things we want in a drama. The drama is all set to premiere this week on June 5, having the Wednesday-Thursday slot and will have a total of 16 episodes. I’m glad there are still shows that end with this number, which looks extinct now-a-days. I really hope that Lee Bo young and Yoon Sang Hyun will have a love line as I cannot imagine her and Lee Jong Suk forming the couple. But I want some romance for Lee Jong Suk as well 🙂

So without further ado, let’s enjoy the character posters and stills. Everyone is looking good and the drama also stars Kim So Hyun (Missing You) as younger counterpart to Lee Bo Young with Kim Hae Sook (Sweet 18) playing her mother.

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