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Due to certain work, I will not be able to get my weekly dose of weekend drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin this week. That means the recaps for episodes 19 and 20 will have to wait for now. I really want to see the cuteness and sweetness of the show that is the only currently airing drama I’m watching right now, but it becomes quite difficult sometimes to keep up with the drama watching schedule.

But of course, I will update regularly my mini recaps from next week. It is my first venture into writing recaps, or rather summaries as I like to call them. Because I can never and will never write a full-fledged recap as it kills my enjoyment of the show as I keep concerning myself with other things rather than the enjoyment of relaxing and watching a show  Hence, the short recaps as I love to write the brief description about what happened in the episode.

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂