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Wow….CAN’T WAIT!! The latest stills from drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin are so romantic and give us enough spoiler that shows the development in our couple’s relationship. I’m loving every bit of this weekend series, except the mom’s portion as it annoys me to no limit. It has become repetitive and repulsive due to her unreasonable behavior towards Soon-shin. Anyways, the drama has multiple love stories and other arcs which I’m completely enjoying.

Jo Jung Suk is terrific with his priceless expressions and IU is really sweet and is acting pretty well. And the chemistry: totally rocking and no way it looks odd due to their age difference. They look cute and great together. And yes….I love that despite the clichéd story line, the drama keeps me glued to the screen with its warmth and freshness. Last but not the least, it’s a relief that the heroines here do not have weird and annoying hairstyles. LOL 😀

So coming back to the stills, they show Joon-ho and Soon-shin coming closer, accidentally of course, and staring into each other’s eyes. I love that we are not rushing here and the feelings are developing gradually, unlike some shows where I keep wondering, ‘when did he start liking her and so soon!!’.