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Choi Jin Hyuk, last seen in a cameo role for Gu Family Book as Lee Seung Gi‘s father, has been offered a role in upcoming rom-com Heirs (better to use this nickname instead of its never ending title He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown Endure Its Weight: Heirs) I also read somewhere that the role is of Lee Min Ho‘s older brother, which looks appropriate considering that the show is about rich high schoolers and even if we agree that the leads, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, might pull off the school kids persona, but Choi Jin Hyuk will be definitely not fit for the class going student.

I’m more or less sure that he will not be replacing Jung Yong Hwa as they cannot be suited for the same role in this case. Choi Jin Hyuk is receiving lots of love and popularity after his gumiho role in currently popular, fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book, which I want to start but will do the marathoning later as opposed to my previous decision of watching it live. Well, I have not got the chance yet to watch any of Choi Jin Hyuk’s dramas (I Need Romance is one of his highly praised shows and Panda And Hedgehog is relatively a mediocre drama) but have heard enough of good words to feel happy with this cast addition to Heirs. He is still considering the role positively.

Heirs is going to premiere in October on SBS.