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I was totally mesmerized by Lee Jong Suk in School 2013, where he was simply awesome. And now he is ready to show more brilliance with his upcoming fantasy and legal drama I Can Hear Your Voice, which will mark his reunion with his costar from Secret Garden, Yoon Sang Hyun. The leading lady will be played by Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Young).

The legal part comes from the fact that the show is about public defenders and the fantasy part comes from the description that, wait for it, Lee Jong Suk can read people’s minds. That totally amplifies my interest in the show, which looked rather dull before. The casting went quicksilver as at first Gong Hyo Jin was being considered for the main lead, then came the news that Kim Jae Won and Lee Bo Young will star together, then reports suggested that Yoon Sang Hyun will star in one of the other SBS show Could We Love (which courted Yeo Jin Goo in his first main lead role) and finally we got confirmation for this final casting. Whoa!!

I Can Hear Your Voice stars Lee Bo Young as a rude and prickly public defender who doesn’t have any friends. Lee Jong Suk is a man-boy who has this supernatural ability and both of them solve and investigate cases together. I like this premise (I’m a big fan of Sherlock-Watson and Poirot-Hastings team). I’m not sure whether they will be the OTP, but if they are, I’m not fully convinced with this pairing as he will look a lot younger than her. Yoon Sang Hyun plays the role of a cop-turned-public defender.

I’m all in for the story line alone, but Lee Jong Suk is another deciding factor as I like him a lot!!! I Can Hear Your Voice will follow All About My Romance on SBS and will start airing from June.