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April is seeing many premieres and there is a myriad of sagueks right now. Among the much talked, highly hyped dramas like Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love, there is a comparatively low-keyed drama Mandate Of Heaven, that looks the most promising among all the shows. It is a thriller set in the Joseon times, in which Lee Dong Wook plays a royal physician who gets blamed for plotting assassination of the King and then he is on the run for his life and also to prove himself innocent. What complicates the matters is the illness of his daughter and hence, he needs to find the cure for it as well. The drama definitely looks promising in terms of being a nail-biting and edge-of-the-seat thriller. And not only that, the show is adorable and heartwarming as well, judging by the stills that feature our hero with his daughter. They looks so cute together. And Lee Dong Wook is totally rocking in his first historical look.

Song Ji Hyo stars as the royal nurse who falls in love with our hero. The other cast members include Song Jong Ho (who plays the best detective in town and chases the hero), Philip Choi (he is the childhood friend of our hero and colleague), Im Seul Ong (he stars as prince) and Yoon Jin Yi (her character is the daughter of a bandit and ends up on the run with our hero.) I love this setting already and I’m a sucker for thriller-mystery-action shows/movies/novels, if done right with the correct pacing and intelligence.

Mandate Of Heaven will have a total of 24 episodes, which I think has become a normal thing these days. Oh..how much I miss my 16-episode dramas!! It will be in the Wednesday-Thursday slot and will follow IRIS 2 from April 24 on KBS.


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