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Weekend drama Wonderful Mama is gearing up for its premiere this week, i.e., on April 13 on SBS and it is planning to have about 50 episodes (it is a family weekend drama after all). The show is a heartwarming tale about a single mother (Bae Jong Ok) who goes from being a small shop owner to a billionaire loan shark with three spoiled children who learn to grow up in life when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The three kids are: Jung Yoo Mi (Rooftop Prince), Kim Ji Suk (Personal Taste) and Park Bo Gum (Gaksital). I love the happy-go-lucky stills featuring the trio. I also love the poster that shows the juxtaposition of the children in their earlier lavish life and the new struggling life.

Jung Kyeo Woon (Romance Town) stars as the main lead, who plays a second son of a family that owns a fabric factory. His parents passed away when he was young and he grew up taking care of his brother who is hearing impaired. He is a strict, responsible person who falls in love with our heroine while training her.

The story sounds light and poignant and I wish I could give it a try now. But currently I’m already watching a weekend series You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (so good!!), so can’t make time for another one right at the moment. May be I’ll give it a try at a later stage. Wonderful Mama has Park Hyun Joo as its screenwriter, who has written shows like Hooray for Love and Enjoy Life.

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