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Stills, stills and more stills; for the upcoming, highly anticipated fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book. It is all set to premiere and is leaving no stone unturned to tease us with more and more promotional material everyday. But hey, who’s complaining!! The fictional historical show is about a century old book that contains the key to transforming into humans.

Lee Yeon Hye plays a nobleman’s daughter who falls in love with Choi Jin Hyuk, who stars as the guardian god of the mountains. Our hero Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) is their son, but his mother sent him down the river in a basket when his father disappeared after some ill-fortune and she was on the run and therefore unable to take care of him. Kang Chi, who is a half human, half gumiho; is raised by Lee Yubi‘s family and he falls one sidedly in love with her. She remains indifferent to his love, but takes advantage of his feelings towards her. Poor Kang Chi. Anyways, coming to our heroine Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy). She is the only daughter to a martial arts teacher (Jo Sung Ha) and is herself expert in martial arts and archery. She does not cross dress, but rather acts more like a guy and even wears clothes that are a mix of both. I like her already 🙂 There are stills which feature our OTP’s first encounter, it takes place in a stable with Suzy looking at Lee Seung Gi while he is sleeping. So. Cute. The other parts of our complex love relationships are Sung Joon, who plays Suzy’s bodyguard (does she need one??) and Yoo Yeon Seok, who plays Lee Yubi’s older brother. The story is about our hero’s search for the aforesaid book in order to turn into complete human.

I really hope that this drama will be totally awesome. Fingers crossed. The premiere date is April 8.

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