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I loved Son Ye Jin in Classic, one of the movies I saw before I started watching dramas. Now, I don’t find Korean movies that much interesting. But I was really impressed by her acting, grace and beauty, and the movie itself remains one of my favorites in Korean movie land. It was gorgeously shot and was really poignant and emotionally strong. Later, I watched her performance in Personal Taste for only 4 or 5 episodes and to be frank, I found it cute but not to a higher degree. The drama itself was uninteresting to me. But I always look forward to projects of actors that I like and she is surely one of them.

Son Ye Jin has confirmed the revenge melodrama Shark, the third installment of the revenge drama trilogy which includes Resurrection (2005) and Devil (2007); both of which I haven’t seen. But I’ve heard enough praise about them. She will be playing a strong and independent woman, the only daughter of a rich hotel owner. But she rejects to take over her family business and becomes a prosecutor instead. The hero of the drama will be a man who changes his face in order to take revenge from the family that caused his father’s death and falls in love with the daughter. Now, where have I heard that story before? May be it’s a mix of so many other melos out there. The story looks strong in having all typical genre specifics like revenge, betrayal, angst, pain, tears, etc. Rumor has it that Kim Nam Gil (Bad Guy) is being considered for the lead role, but I think it will not be that amusing as his last drama, Bad Guy, was quite similar to this one and so what is the point in seeing him again in the same role.

I can’t say I’m going to watch this as the plot looks heavy on melodramatic territory. But I’m always ready for a good show and can give this a try if it turns out to be good. May be something like Nice Guy.

Shark will be directed and written by the same team that was behind the other two shows and will follow God Of The Workplace on KBS. That means, soon we will be getting the casting confirmations for our hero.