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I’ve already stated the forthcoming dramas I’m most excited about. And the one about which I’m least excited…it’s the melodrama When A Man Loves. And I have many reasons for it. Firstly, the story. It sounds so typically melodramatic with an added feature of infidelity (in the name of true love..meh), which I find truly repulsive. It’s not like I haven’t seen such movies, but then here it’s a drama hero and I seriously can’t root for him in such a situation. Second reason is that I didn’t like Shin Se Kyung‘s one note acting and constant expression in Fashion King and in this show, I’m getting the similar thing from her (as much as I can judge from the posters and stills.) The only thing that can attract me towards this is the proper execution, and tight, fast paced plot and may be it unexpectedly turns out to be good…I’ll be waiting for the reviews for trying my hand on this.

When A Man Loves is about a gangster (Song Seung Hoon) who marries his boss’s wife , played by Chae Jung Ahn, who is in love with him like forever and thinks that only she can understand him (will she turn into a super possessive character later??). He then falls in love (passionately, to be more clear ;)) with a younger girl, who, he thinks, resembles him in her nature and attitude. Yeon Woo Jin will be our hero’s competitor for winning our heroine’s affections. The posters look pretty but at the same time, gloomy and dull. They lack innovation, and are just passable. The drama premieres on April 3 on MBC.



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