Hwang Jung Min, Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub in period movie ‘Battleship Island’


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Battleship Island is an upcoming movie that boasts amazing star cast with an epic backdrop for its central premise. The stars include some of the biggest names of film and dramas — Hwang Jung Min, Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub and the film is set in an island called Battleship Island (the name given due to its distinct shape). During the period of World War II, when Korea was under Japanese occupation, this land, the Hashima Continue reading

Jaejoong and UEE pair up for fantasy romance ‘Manhole’ for KBS


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Jaejoong got discharged from mandatory military service last December and he is finally making a comeback to acting with KBS drama Manhole. It is a fantasy romance with travelling through time as its main theme. Jaejoong was last seen in thriller drama Spy in 2015. UEE has signed on to play the female lead. I loved to hate her in You’re Beautiful and since then she has done lots of main lead roles. Personally, I found her splendid in Ho Goo’s Love. Her last acting project was melodrama Night Light, which I Continue reading

Go Kyung Pyo lands his first main lead role in KBS’s ‘Strongest Deliveryman’


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I have always loved Go Kyung Pyo, right from the very first time I saw him act in Flower Boy Next Door. He is such a natural actor and effortlessly charming. He has done supporting but important roles in shows like Tomorrow Cantabile, Reply 1988 (his story arc was so fascinating), Jealousy Incarnate and the recently wrapped Chicago Typewriter. The last two definitely cemented his status as a strong second lead. Hence, I’m so happy to read the news that Go Kyung Pyo will finally be seen as the main lead in upcoming KBS drama Strongest Deliveryman. Yay! Continue reading

Lee Je Hoon is ‘Park Yeol’ for latest film


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Lee Je Hoon has consistently delivered good work both in films as well as television. His last appearance was in time slip drama Tomorrow With You which didn’t receive the success of his last show Signal but did develop a decent following. I have yet to watch that romance show but Lee Je Hoon will now grace the silver screen with his period film Park Yeol, which goes by the English title of Anarchist From Colony. It is based on a true story of freedom fighter named Park Yeol who was an anarchist and revolutionary. Continue reading

Fantasy rom-com ‘Bride of the Water God 2017’ with Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung has a July premiere on tvN


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I’m not particularly a huge fan of any of the cast members of upcoming tvN drama Bride of the Water God 2017 but there are multifarious factors to make me interested. Starting with the plot, a fantasy romantic comedy, which is based on a webcomic published from 2006 to 2014. The comic had a historical fantasy world setting but the adapted version will be set in modern Seoul. It is a story about a water god who had a deal with a village according to which he demands one female sacrifice each year. But it so happens that one day, there is a wrong girl who gets sacrificed and thus this Continue reading