Daily drama ‘Strange Family’ to start this Monday on KBS


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Another daily drama alert! KBS is brining Strange Family this coming week on its Monday-Friday schedule and the show stars Lee Shi Ah, Kim Jin Woo and Gil Eun Hye (Orange Marmalade) in the lead roles. Interestingly, the two main leads Lee Shi Ah and Kim Jin Woo have previously worked in same dramas She’s So Lovable and Remember (though she had a cameo in the latter) and now they will act opposite each other. I liked him as Continue reading

First Impressions for ‘Entertainer’


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Entertainer is the new drama for the Wednesday-Thursday slot for SBS and I’m happy that it finally marked the end of my drama hiatus, which was not very long but still it was long enough for me to realise that I haven’t completed any 2016 drama yet! There were some that I tried and dropped and there are some that I’ve kept for a marathon. It’s great to be back on the live watching train. The thing about Entertainer is, despite its flaws, I’m actually liking it. Maybe it also has to do with the future potential of the story. Continue reading

Long sageuk ‘Flower in Prison’ to start this weekend on MBC


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When the two words sageuk and long are written together, it’s sure as gravity that my interest will be equal to zero. LOL. Of course my excitement can increase if the show has actors that I love or for the plot that is exciting. Anyway, MBC is bringing a 50 episode sageuk in its weekend slot, an unusual schedule as it usually keeps these period dramas Continue reading

‘Master: God of Noodles’ premieres today on KBS


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I wonder if the follow-up drama to KBS rating juggernaut Descendants Of The Sun is garnering much interest. It isĀ Master: God of Noodles and at first I thought it was about some chef and his culinary skills. But the show is actually a revenge tale where Chun Jung Myung (Heart To Heart) plays a man who loses everything and then Continue reading

Gong Yoo returns to dramaland!


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*Happy dance* Well, I wish this dance was performed with all my heart and soul as what could be better than Gong Yoo finally making a drama comeback? My only issue is that he will be doing a drama penned by top writer Kim Eun Sook. I have enjoyed the comedy of Secret Garden but it never mesmerised me. We can all agree that Heirs was not a good drama (although I did like it while it aired…for solely other reasons than Continue reading


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