Hong Sisters are back with new drama, Kim Woo Bin and Kang So Ra courted to star

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*Uncontrollable Happy Dance*

It is no secret that my favorite writers are the sister duo Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, better known as the Hong Sisters. The first drama they penned was 2005’s Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (which was very successful and ranked 1st for most of its run) and apparently it was my first kdrama and I love it to pieces! Most of their shows are among my top favourites like Best Love and You’re Beautiful. I have wholeheartedly Continue reading

Picture Perfect # 73

I haven’t seen any season’s dramas yet but I have to say, they are extremely beautiful to look at. Whenever I come across the stills of these shows, they simply are perfect to infuse a romantic mood instantly. Today I’ve taken the picture from the newest season drama Love Rain. The show stars Jang Geun Suk and Yoona in two time periods — one of the 60s and the other of the present generation. And this pic is from the past, giving a classic, vintage feel and a couple under an umbrella never fails to click all my romantic buttons! Continue reading

‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ is the new Monday-Tuesday drama for SBS


Black comedy and K-dramas are two words that I won’t put side by side but upcoming SBS show Heard It Through The Grapevine is being touted to have the genre and before we think anything, let’s have a look at its production team and it is the one behind critically acclaimed quality shows like Secret Love Affair and A Wife’s Credentials. Yes, this can surely be a satirical take on the rich and prestigious families, around which its story is woven. Continue reading

Snow’s Corner: 18 February 2015

Hey guys…how are you? I’m currently in a phase where dramas are not my priority as they used to be. I’m busier in real life than before, I’m watching more movies and American shows and also I’m back to my favourite thing, which is reading! But that’s not to say that I’m not watching K-dramas at all. How is it even possible? So here is a brief summary of my current drama escapades: Continue reading

New weekend drama ‘Bluebird’s House’ starts this week on KBS

bh1 I started watching weekender What Happens To My Family when it started airing. I liked the warm, cozy and cute aura it had, with a really surprising great acting turn by Park Hyung Shik. Alas, RL does not always give you so much convenience to commit to a 50 episode series and hence, I ended up dropping it. The drama went on to become highly successful and received huge ratings which even reached 40%. The following drama is Bluebird’s House and it will start airing this Saturday. Continue reading