Orange Marmalade: Episode 3


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Well, episode 3 of Orange Marmalade moved like a bullet train — things kept on happening one after the other. Firstly, I can understand where Ma Ri’s new resolution of giving it a go when it comes to music band comes from. But she instantly started writing lyrics with full confidence and even leading others — which was quite weird considering how much aloof she has remained till now. She never mixed up with anyone and always had this fear of revealing her true identity of being a vampire. Next, the Continue reading

First impressions for ‘The Producers': It’s so funny!


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I was delaying to start much-hyped The Producers as its more than 60 minutes length was making me avoid it for other shorter things. Also the mixed reviews it was getting didn’t make me a lot excited. Finally the deluge of dramas in my bag didn’t help either. But a few days back, when I didn’t have anything new to watch, I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring — and what a rewarding decision it turned out to be! I haven’t laughed so much for a drama in recent days and after completing 2 episodes, I can safely say that I love it! Continue reading

The songs I like from ‘Girl Who Sees Smells’ OST


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Girl Who Sees Smells wrapped up its run last week and I will surely miss our cutie pie couple. I thought this was the right time to have a discussion on the music of the drama, so that we can once more relive all those moments. The OST has lots of songs but here is the list of songs that I loved. If I have to define the music of the show in one word, it would be upbeat. Continue reading

Picture Perfect #74


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Welcome back to Picture Perfect. It has been a loooong time since I posted anything here. Today I’ve selected a pic from That Winter The Wind BlowsI haven’t seen this melodrama but the cinematography is amazing. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo do make a lovely, beautiful couple. As it’s a tearjerker sort of drama, I chose this picture where they are smiling and looking happy. Continue reading

‘Orange Marmalade’ is like scent of rose: First Impressions


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I didn’t have any intention of watching Orange Marmalade but as the date of its premiere neared, I became mildly interested in it and once-a-week format looked appealing too. Plus, I had never seen any Yeo Jin Goo work and I wanted to find out why everyone goes ga-ga over him. LOL. And after two episodes, it’s LOVE for Orange Marmalade, as well as for Yeo Jin Goo. Continue reading


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