Creepy and atmospheric ‘The Village: Achiara’s Secret’ is all set to start this Wednesday


I’m champing at the bit for upcoming mystery thriller The Village: Achiara’s Secret (or simply The Village) as it looks soaked in mystery, suspense, creepiness and secrets. Not to mention the setting, in a village, that contributes in spades in making the show atmospheric and extra eerie. The drama is about the discovery of a dead body in a peaceful village/ town named Achiara where no criminal cases ever occur. Continue reading

Cable network OnStyle premieres its first drama ‘Because It’s the First Time’ this week


Onstyle is a cable network that airs programs related to beauty, style and fashion. But in an odd move, it is now bringing its first drama titled Because It’s the First Time this week and stars many up and coming actors that will portray a story about twenty something youngsters and their love lives and struggles. I’m actually interested to check this out as it looks very easy-breezy and I really have affection for Minho (for the record, I haven’t seen his acting yet). Continue reading

A look at upcoming dramas (October)


It’s that time of the drama timetable again, when the screens are flooded with dramas and more dramas and it becomes a herculean task to choose and accommodate them in our schedule. So if you are enticed by every show on the list, be prepared to burn the candle at both ends. I hope this list will at least help in the clarification of what dramas are going to start this October and so here we go! Continue reading

Preview for Twenty Again Episode 11


It’s such an awesome feeling when I find myself cheering for Nora each week. Her gradual realisation that she lost her identity in all these years and then gaining it back bit by bit is a gratifying experience. It’s true that she is also responsible for completely forgetting herself after marriage but it’s also a fact that her husband ignored her completely. He never acted like someone who cherished her. And so it is heartening to see her getting so giddy and Continue reading

Long melodrama ‘Glamorous Temptation’ to start next week on MBC


The forthcoming melodrama Glorious Temptation (or Dazzling Temptation) looks more and more like something that would be fit for a weekend slot — its 50 episode length and the premise, which looks like a collection of all lessons of a melodrama book. It will air on MBC and takes over the airing time from sageuk Hwajeong which was also a long drama. Continue reading