First Impressions: My Secret Hotel



The new tvN show My Secret Hotel is well on its third week but I just recently got a chance to catch up with it and I really liked the first two episodes (3 and 4 still left). One can find romantic comedies in dramaland a dime a dozen but adding a murder mystery and that too in a classic setting of a hotel adds an intriguing dimension to the narrative. The show has a very atmospheric and different feel to it. There are lots of characters — pretty obvious as a whodunnit can’t be complete if we are not going to have so many Continue reading

REVIEW: Marriage Not Dating (2014)



Marriage Not Dating is an exhilarating journey with fun as its best synonym. It takes the overused premise of contract relationship and sprinkles it with refreshing characters, hilarious hijinks and great execution which is fresh as mint. It stays away from melodrama for most of its run and has a lovely couple at its center. Continue reading

‘She’s So Lovable’ drops breezy and cute first teaser

Wow. That was unexpected. I thought that Rain‘s comeback drama She’s So Lovable (or My Lovely Girl) would be partly cheesy/too much colorful and partly melodramatic, what with story of a man who lost his first love and then falls for her sister, but contrastingly, the first teaser is Continue reading

tvN brings ‘Plus Nine Boys’ as its new Friday-Saturday drama

The fun-filled Marriage Not Dating has ended and now it is being replaced by another quirky romantic comedy drama Plus Nine Boys this week about four males at different stages of their lives and how they confront challenges of work and love. tvN surely knows how to bring new fresh concepts and even if there is a tired plot, the treatment is totally fresh to add something to look for in its dramas. Plus Nine Boys is basically about boys (or men) of ages ending with 9, ie, 9, 19, 29 and 39 and the superstition that this nine brings bad luck. Continue reading

My favorite songs from ‘Fated To Love You’ OST


I’m loving and enjoying Fated To Love You even when it has lost some of its initial beauty. The magic of the Jangs is still there and my heart aches for them as well as jumps with joy when they are being cute and adorable and are together. But I think we’ve seen enough separation between them, and enough noble idiocy on Gun’s part. I have this complaint that the drama doesn’t explain us clearly what is he thinking right now. Yes, his mind thinks that he should not meddle with peaceful life of Min Young but he can’t control his heart. But Continue reading