Cast updates for ‘A New Leaf’

 jyh cja

A New Leaf is heading towards its premiere like greased lightning as it is all set with cast and filming, releasing promotional materials with full swing. Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong and Park Min Young lead the drama based on law with our hero playing a cold and cunning top-notch lawyer who improves his ideas and heart after he suffers from amnesia. Kim Sang Joong stars as his mentor as well as the CEO in the law firm while Continue reading

Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong and Im Shi Wan as brothers in upcoming MBC melo ‘Triangle’


Empress Ki reigned the small screen for the past six months or so and it is finally ending this month. MBC has secured the Monday-Tuesday slot strictly for sageuks for past few months, beginning with Jo Seung Woo‘s Horse Doctor, then fantasy Gu Family Book, followed by rating as well as quality-wise flop Goddess Of Fire and then the current Empress Ki. The network has decided to change the course with upcoming modern sibling melodrama Triangle which will follow Empress Ki from next month. The show looks quite epic with a Continue reading

God’s Gift – 14 Days: Episode 14


Spoilers ahead.

Each and every episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days makes my mind so, so confused at first and then things start falling into place once I rewind my memory to all the important events taken place till that time. It is an exercise but a good one all the same. Episode 14 was more of a slower one if we talk about actions and thrills and revelations. They were there of course (as this show loves to mark its path with more and more clues and answers) but the tone was more calm and composed. Continue reading

God’s Gift – 14 Days: Episode 13


Episode 13 of God’s Gift – 14 Days was all about exposition of the theories floating in the minds of our protagonists as well as the viewers. There were answers given to the questions (well, we all guessed most of them actually) and we are finally getting into knowing the real culprit (s), motive and incidence that happened 10 years ago. Continue reading

Lee Jun Ki headlines historical drama ‘Joseon Gunman’


Lee Jun Ki is back to dramaland! Last year he was outstanding in man-on-the-run thriller Two Weeks which was a great show in terms of fast pace, compelling action and thrills interspersed with emotional beats, making it one of the best dramas of the year. And a bit underrated as well. Anyway, Lee Jun Ki has confirmed his next drama in the form of historical Joseon Gunman which is set in the 19th century Joseon. He will play the role of an expert swordsman, who is the son of Joseon’s greatest swordsman. But he gives up Continue reading