Crime thriller ‘Bad Guys’ starring Park Hae Jin starts this Saturday on OCN


I’m surprised at the smaller amount of dramas that I watched this year, only 6 to be exact and that is mainly due to two reasons — my real life got busier and secondly, I’ve become an expert at dropping dramas like hot potato. But I always look forward to the upcoming crop with the hope of sticking with another show till the end that can keep me hooked throughout. I’ve watched one thriller this year (that’s God’s Gift – 14 Days) and Continue reading

‘She’s So Lovable': First Impressions


And finally it’s here — Rain‘s comeback drama after 4 years has arrived to grace our screens with She’s So Lovable premiering this week and it is just as we all expected: a story with a very predictable plot and characters. In fact it doesn’t bother in giving any new spin or springing any surprises with it — there is a wounded hero, a candy heroine [not to forget, doing all kinds of part-time jobs, running from the loan sharks], a very annoying and insensitive second female lead, a Continue reading

‘Secret Door’ with Han Suk Kyu and Lee Je Hoon premieres on Monday


I don’t regret watching one of most talked about shows (all for wrong reasons) Fashion King as it introduced me to Lee Je Hoon. Unfortunately, he went away from the silver screen due to mandatory military service and I was waiting excitedly for his return. He signed on the period drama Secret Door as his comeback project — I said yay that he would be doing a drama but then as you people might already know, I’m not a sageuk Continue reading