Byun Yo Han is classy & cute in black and white spreads for Marie Claire Korea

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It’s great to see how Misaeng catapulted all of its cast members to unexplored heights of popularity and made them household names and similarly popular in the international fandom. I love everyone in the show but Byun Yo Han is one of those who brings so much laughter in an otherwise melancholic and serious drama. I still remember how much I was annoyed when he first appeared on the drama because he looked like an opportunist, Continue reading

Script reading for ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’

As we are heading towards the new year, the upcoming dramas are also getting ready for their premieres. It’s a wonder that drama machine never stops and keeps on producing one show after the other. It was just yesterday when we were preparing to welcome 2014 dramas and here comes 2015 with the trend of multiple personalities. What makes Hyde, Jekyll, Me more special is the fact that it marks the return of  Hyun Bin to dramaland after Continue reading

2014: The year of reunions


Each year brings with it some particular trend that dominates the drama world throughout the year, with every other show following it and trying to milk on the success of that formula. I can say that there was one trend that I totally loved and supported wholeheartedly and that was the bevy of reunions that we received this year. It’s very special and new in K-dramaland because here, it’s like once in a blue moon that we ever get two stars working again for another project, however much success they got with the first one. Continue reading

First Impressions for Healer: Episodes 1-3


Wow. I’m absolutely impressed by new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama Healer. I was already super-excited for the show but now that I’ve seen first 3 episodes, I can say that it is hitting all the right buttons for me. It has got emotions, humour, heart, depth, thrills — romance has not started yet but I’m sure it’s gonna take its root pretty soon. Most importantly, I’m loving all the main characters and their intriguing connection. Continue reading