Park Shin Hye looks like a flower for @Star1


It has been a while since I covered a magazine pictorial but when I came across these lovely pictures of Park Shin Hye, I couldn’t resist posting about it. The girl looks as fresh as a daisy and I love the way she always looks innocent whatever she wears or styles as. But of course, these spreads from @Star1 November issue mostly portray her in a Continue reading

Mystery-thriller ‘Liar Game’ premieres today on tvN


I’m so glad that I dropped My Secret Hotel midway as the resulting reactions during its run kept on decreasing in positivity with each passing week. My reason for leaving it was simple — I couldn’t connect emotionally with the characters, there was more style than heart and on a technical note, it was pretty jarring for me the way camera showed Continue reading

Jang Na Ra and Shin Ha Kyun pair up for rom-com ‘Mr. Baek’

Hot on the heels of her last drama Fated To Love You, Jang Na Ra has signed on her next show Mr Baek that stars Shin Ha Kyun as her leading man. I’m actually quite surprised because she usually takes some time between her dramas, so this casting definitely took me unawares. The drama is a romantic comedy with a fantasy element Continue reading

Weekend drama ‘Rosy Lovers’ premieres tomorrow with Han Sun Hwa and Lee Jang Woo


Weekend dramas can prove to be a very long commitment as they are generally 50 episodes long. They can be warm and affectionate while others can be totally makjang and supremely annoying. I haven’t seen a long weekender yet. I did try You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and What Happens To My Family and dropped the former for mixed bag Continue reading