Drama Diaries: 16 August 2014

I’m so behind in all my dramas right now that it has unsettled my whole (drama) schedule. That means now I need to bend over backwards to finish them and can’t sleep like a log, to match the upcoming another stream of dramas next week. But what’s going on in my drama world, here is a summary: Continue reading

New weekend drama ‘What’s With This Family?’ premieres this week


The only time when I was courageous enough to follow a long weekend drama was for You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin as I loved the great cast ensemble it had. To give credit where it’s due, that show was filled with lots of cute moments but then the script went off the rails in the middle when the focus became too much shifted to things we didn’t want to see and all the good things were sidetracked. Result — I dropped it midway. It didn’t help Continue reading

First script reading for ‘She’s So Lovable’

It’s true that I’m not entirely onboard the final main cast of upcoming music-rom-com She’s So Lovable and have my fair share of worries but one look at Rain in the show’s script reading stills and my inner fangirl is all happy just to see him and has become excited again. Who cares if the drama has a mothballed premise — it has Rain! And he is Continue reading